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CTA 2021 - Classification and Trophy Package

Complete CTA 2021 Shoot details are available in the CTA 2021 Shoot Program. Classification details and the 2021 Trophy Package are also available by clicking on these links.

CTA 2021 Classification and Handicapping

CTA 2021 Trophy Package

Canada Cap Challenge - Edmonton 2020

New for the  2020 Canadian Trapshooting Championships is the Canada Cap Challenge. This Provincial 5 Man Team Purse will be based on the Preliminary Handicap event and will pay out a guaranteed $5500 cash prize to the winning team.

The Canada Cap Challenge is being brought to you by these very generous sponsors!!!

Canada Cap Challenge Rules

For more information contact Jesse Smith (CTA Alberta Delegate) at 780-523-6032

Petition Against Changes to Existing Canadian Firearms Regulations

The Liberal government campaigned in the October 2019 election under the mandate to increase gun control measures. More recently, they have threatened to do this by circumventing the democratic process with the use of an Order in Council.

Licensed and law abiding firearm owners know that rigorous firearm regulations already exist in Canada. Further regulation or firearm bans would have no impact on addressing or reducing gang and criminal violence.

  • The Government of Canada has expressed its intention to ban, what it refers to as “military-style assault rifles”, through an Order in Council;
  • Public Safety Canada’s information notes this is not a legal definition in Canada;
  • The use of an Order in Council is an egregious overreach of executive authorities, bypassing the democratic process of the House and the elected representatives of Canadians;
  • This executive order would strip law-abiding Canadians it has approved through the RCMP Canada Firearms Program, of their legally purchased property;
  • The use of an Order in Council ignores the Government’s survey on firearms where “the majority of respondents did not support further limiting access to firearms & assault-style firearms”;
  • The proposed buyback of legal, licenced firearms could cost the Canadian taxpayer over $250,000,000 which could be better spent on initiatives that have an appreciable positive impact on public safety such as: deter youth from gangs, addiction treatment, mental health, strengthened border security, and increase police anti-gang capacities;
  • An Order in Council ban on “military-style assault rifles” would fail to take firearms away from criminals; and
  • A ban would unfairly target Canadian firearms owners who are already among the most vetted in Canadian society. Possession and Acquisition License (PAL) and Restricted PAL (RPAL) holders are subject to daily screening and are statistically proven to be less likely to commit crimes than non-PAL & non-RPAL holders.

Please sign and share MP Glen Motz's government e-petition

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