Subscribe to Our Updates

We publish updates to our website via RSS.  You can learn more about RSS from the MIT Library page.

RSS allows you to receive updates directly to your device/software program without having to visit the webpage regularly to get those updates.  The updates are "pushed" to you automatically, when we make the updates.  This is very similar to "following" a page on Facebook, or a Twitter handle, except RSS is not tied to any one service, and anyone can avail of it.

To consume the RSS, you need an app for your phone, a web account, or a software application to use it.  You can use the information from the MIT Library page to learn more about some popular readers and services.  Add this URL to your feed reader to subscribe to our updates:

Other Ways To Get Updates

If you don't want to mess with RSS, you can also follow us on our social media channels to get our updates.  The updates are not as instant as the RSS feed, but they will get there eventually.