2022 Southwestern Grand American


The Jones at the 2022 Southwestern Grand American

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Manitoba shooters Katie Jones and dad John represented Canada very well at the 2022 Southwestern Grand held at the National Shooting Complex in San Antonio, Texas from April 5-10. The pair drove 24 hours straight to arrive at the National Shooting Complex the afternoon before the shoot started. The drive was an experience Katie describes as “fun” with a hint of sarcasm noted.

Katie reports that the daily temperatures were perfect but the wind was almost constant with a few days getting over 50 km/ hr. However, based on their scores and list of trophies won, the wind didn’t affect them too terribly.

John won 3 Handicap trophies in the tournament including a shoot-off win in the 19-21.5 yardage group in the Handicap Championship. John also won D Class Champion in the Singles Championship.

  • Event 8 Handicap: Senior Veteran. 92
  • Event 11 Handicap: 19 - 21.5 yardage group. 88 (won after two shoot off rounds)
  • Event 13 Singles Championship: D Class. 188
  • Event 15 Handicap: 19 - 21.5 yard yardage group. 92 (won in a shoot off)

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Katie shot very well in the tournament winning a total of 15 awards including a Lady I, Lady I Runner-up, Class or Place trophy in all but one event. Katie’s impressive trophy list includes:

  • Event 1 Singles: Lady I. 99
  • Event 2 Handicap: 22 - 24.5 yardage group. 93
  • Event 4 Singles: Lady 1. 95
  • Event 6 Doubles: B Class. 93
  • Event 7 Singles: Lady I. 96
  • Event 8 Handicap: Lady 1. 93
  • Event 9 Doubles: Lady I Runner-up. 92
  • Event 10 Singles: Lady I Runner-up. 98
  • Event 11 Handicap: Lady I Runner-up. 86
  • Event 12 Doubles: Lady I Runner-up. 92
  • Event 13 Singles Championship: Lady I. 198
  • Event 14 Doubles Championship: B Class. 96
  • Event 15 Handicap Championship: Champion. 97 (won in a shoot off!)
  • High Overall: Lady I. 1218/1300
  • High All-Around: Champion. 391/400

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The Southwestern Grand Handicap Championship had 190 entries. Katie’s 97 tied with 2 others for high score but the shoot-off only lasted 1 round. Katie shot a perfect score to win the Southwestern Grand Handicap Championship while the 2 other shoot-off participants shot a 24 and 22. Katie also earned 1 ½ yards during the tournament. A ½ yard during a preliminary Handicap event and 1 yard for her Southwestern Grand Handicap win. Katie’s 391 total in the High All Around (198, 96, 97) was 3 targets better than the next highest score to secure the High All Around Championship win. It’s also a personal best High All Around score for Katie.

Katie summed up the shoot in a few words. “I'm so happy about my Handicap Championship and High All-Around wins. To travel that far, make some new friends, gain yardage, get bumped a class and win some trophies, I couldn't have asked for a better week!  The most exciting part is, because I won a Championship event, I now have my own parking spot for next year!”

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