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Canadian Trapshooting Association

The All American Teams have long been the gold standard by which a shooter is

measured. To make one of these ATA Teams is an honour and an amazing 

accomplishment. For many years the CTA's annual tournament has had to reach

large attendance goals to receive All American Points, therefore the smaller centres could not retain enough shooters to have continuity from eastern to western shoots. 

After many years of lobby, in 2016 the ATA and its delegates voted to offer All American Points on all national level events, just as it does with all of our Provincial Tournaments, therefore allowing the CTA to provide Points at its event regardless of attendance!

In addition to some great trophies and added money, we now have Points Pins for award on 1300 targets.... every year!! Thank you to the Delegates and the ATA for making this happen!

2018 All American Team Requirements

ATA All American Points

The CTA All American

Points Pin