Josh Faubert


Andrea Bassan


Peter Grant


Dwight Smith

Board of Directors

CTA President

  • Dwight Smith (Sask)

CTA Treasurer

  • ​​        Keven Mark 

CTA Delegates

  • Bob White  (BC)

  • John Nuttall (Sask)

  • Josh Faubert (Ont)

  • Peter Grant (QC)

  • Andrea Bassan (Atl. Prov)

  • Carl Friesen (Man)

  • Tyler Kuhn (AB)

  • Emily Brown 

Who We Are



John Nuttall


Carl Friessen

2018/2019 Board of Directors


Bob White

The CTA is made up of a volunteer board of directors from different locations across Canada, who represent trap organizations in their own regions.

The board is selected through general membership vote based on the candidates suitable qualifications and contributions to the sport of trapshooting. Please join us at our next AGM, during the annual tournament.


Canadian Trapshooting Association


Tyler Kuhn


Founding Executive,  (L) Harold Herron -APTA, (C) Thomas Oliver Jr. -CTA Chair Pro-Tem,

(R) Don Blow -President Calgary Gun Club, Not pictured (James Boa -CTA Secretary)

Our Mission


Annually host the Canadian Trapshooting Championships, record & share its history 

The Canadian Trapshooting Association is a non-profit society originally established in 1956 to host the  "Dominion of Canada Trapshooting Championships".  This would soon become the premier annual trap tournament for top level competitors across the country, for the purpose of crowning a Canadian ATA Champion and making the Canadian Olympic Trapshooting Team selections prior to Canada'a construction of their first International Style trap range.


Since its inception, the CTA has successfully hosted some of the best local and visiting shooters from across North America, including many present and future Trapshooting Hall of Famers! The first Canadians were held at the Original Calgary Gun Club in 1956, and the next year in Harrow Ontario.

This website is specifically designed to share our history and keep shooters up to date on the business of the CTA, inclusive of records and information for the current years Tournament and beyond. Please check back regularly for updates and site improvements. If you have any info you would like to see on our site please contact us here.

June 26th to 30th, 2019


Emily Brown